You can either download spectra by selecting the Download button next to the organism of interest or by searching for the latest updates found under list all uploads, here you can also download all the files present in the database.
Open MBT Compass Explorer and select the ''import MSPs into server from a file'' button , select the spectra you want to upload to the Compass Explorer and organize them in your projects database by using the taxonomy tree editor.
Brukers own instructions are found in the MALDI Compass Explorer user manual under paragraph 3.9
At the moment we only accept biological material classified to BSL2 or BSL1 which should be packaged and sent according to Swedish and international rules. Specific rules apply for transport of dangerous goods by air or by road. Swedish rules are based on international guidelines (United Nations recommendations for the transport of dangerous goods). Instructions in Swedish are found here packa-provet-ratt.pdf
Only institutions that have a BSL3 laboratory are able to download spectra for BSL3 organisms. The administrator will evaluate each user and grant access to BSL3 classified spectra.
Only users that are validated by the administrator can upload spectra to this database, this is necessary to keep a high quality standard and ensure that all spectra are generated according to the parameters set by Bruker or bioMérieux. Bruker and bioMérieux offer training in how to generate own spectra. If you are interested in contributing to this database the easiest way is to contact your local Bruker och bioMérieux representative and undergo the training organized by the respective company. When registering a new user, you can opt to be validated as an uploader by the administrator, this process will take longer time than if you register as regular user. A regular user can also be validated as an uploader after registration by contacting the administrator. To upload files to this database select the upload tab and follow the instructions Please provide as much information as possible in the metadata for MSPs.
This standard operating protocol describes in detail how a new MSP is generated, covering every step from culturing the microorganism to analyzing, validating and using the correct nomenclature. Generating new MSP.pdf
Svenska kliniska laboratorier kan skicka in prover med hjälp av en remiss för speciell diagnostik som fylls i som detta exempel MALDIprojektremiss.pdf
Isolaten skall vara rena och typade/artbestämda med alternativa metoder till MALDI (ex 16S sekvensering eller via ett referenslab). Den speciella diagnostiken som utförs av folkhälsomyndigheten berörs inte av detta och isolat som skickas in för det här projektet ska vara typade/artbestämda och användas för att bygga ut databasen.
Det är kostnadsfritt att skicka in isolat för att bygga ut Spectra databasen. När isolatet är inlagt i databasen kommer respektive insändare att få ett elektroniskt svar via SMIlab e-remisssystem.